Saturday, 3 April 2010

Customize Your Kicks

Check this out, here is a video i came across when on you tube and i thought that you may find it interesting.

Carrot Fit Jeans

The Jean to wear right now is the "Carrot Fit" cut, this type of jean is baggy at the top to the crotch (some what taking on the style of skateboarders) and then they end skinny at the ankles. Im not a great fan of skinny jeans but this type i like as they have the baggy crotch, the best type of fit and look i have found is made by ALL SAINTS. All saints as you may know is a very well known trendy brand of fashion which sells like crazy all over the globe. Team these up with a cool check shirt maybe from LEVI or TOPMAN? Please add comments below if you too have ideas on what to team this type of jean with.